A Healthy Home Environment: Is The Solution In Your Geothermal System?

Does anyone in your home have allergies to pollen, fungus, dust, or mold? Many people do. Does anyone experience respiratory problems, or frequently come down with colds, a virus or the flu? You may be surprised to learn that optional geothermal HVAC features in the system you already have may be of help to them. 

Ultraviolet Light Treatment, available as an add-on to your geothermal system, can work to neutralize things like viruses, bacteria and mold that may be in your house and in your home’s air. Studies have proven this to be true. In fact, one of the most pivotal studies came from Duke University Medical Center. In 2012, the facility installed UV luminaries in over 50 hospital rooms. Researchers tested the efficiency of UVC light in the HVAC system, and found that the fixtures worked to disinfect up to 97% of microbial germs that passed through the light.  97% is no small number, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of the members of your home. Doesn’t it make sense to look into something so highly effective in helping to keep those you care about well? You already have the geothermal system. Using it better and more effectively just makes that investment pay off again in a whole new way – and that’s a return anyone would welcome.