Damage and Vandalism

Geothermal heating and cooling equipment has the advantage of being located inside of a building, so it is not exposed to weather conditions and therefore lasts a very long time. There’s also another advantage to having this equipment housed inside (oftentimes in a basement) that you may not have realized. The advantage is that it is also protected from damage and theft. With an investment like an HVAC system, this can be a great benefit.

Equipment located in the basement of your building is not an attraction to would-be vandals since it is hard to get to. Whether thieves are after things like copper or other metals, or simply want to be destructive, your equipment is not a sitting target like an outside unit may be. It’s protected from rain, wind, snow, lightning, and extreme heat and cold, as well as being tucked away from anyone wanting to damage it or take it. Getting into a building’s basement, getting the unit disconnected and getting it outside and into a vehicle is a big job, and runs a huge risk of being caught. What thief wants to be bothered with that when there are easier targets to hit?

Conventional HVAC systems can be vulnerable to damage and theft since they are housed outside of a building. A geothermal unit is situated inside, thereby keeping it safe, and alleviating the potential hassle, cost and downtime a damaged or missing unit may bring. What’s not to like about that?