Does Your Old Geothermal Heat Pump or Air Conditioner Use Freon?  If so, you need to know this …

If your Geothermal Heat Pump or Air Conditioner was manufactured before 2010, there is a good chance it uses R-22 Refrigerant, also known as Freon®. The refrigerant is critical to the operation of your heat pump or air conditioner; without it, the system will not heat or cool your home. Similarly, if there is not enough refrigerant in your heat pump or air conditioner, heating and cooling performance suffers.

To determine if your heat pump or air conditioner uses R-22 refrigerant, check the nameplate on your unit or ask the technician that services your unit.

Per the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), starting January 1, 2020, the manufacture and importation of R-22 Refrigerant will be banned. Consequently, after January 1, 2020, the R-22 refrigerant supply will be limited to recycled refrigerant—increasing repair prices when you have a refrigerant leak or even making it unavailable at any price.

Therefore, if your R-22 system needs repairs frequently or has trouble keeping up with your comfort needs, it may be time to replace your heat pump or air conditioner.