Icing Out Expensive Fossil Fuels

Climate change and global warming: you hear a lot of talk about them but are they really something you and your family have to worry about? Apparently so according to recent studies on the topic. There’s recent evidence that there may be a pause in the earth’s warming and we may be entering a cooling period, one that is estimated to last roughly 15 years. This is what’s referred to as a Mini Ice Age. 

What does this mean? An increase in the earth’s cooling will increase demand for fossil fuels, and therefore those prices will go up. There could also be restrictions on this kind of fuel production, and this may result in possible shortages.  

The use of geothermal heating and cooling technology can protect you during something like a Mini Ice Age. Since you do not directly use fossil fuels to heat and cool your home, you will not feel the severe financial impact a change like this could bring. You can continue to heat and cool your home or office in a reliable, efficient and cost-effective manner. You know that eliminating dependence on fossil fuels is good for the environment, but now it’s also paying off for your bank account as well. THAT’S news that everyone likes to hear, right?