Longwood Gardens

When you run a greenspace that values conservation, things like the use geothermal heating and cooling equipment just make sense. The challenges that come with making that concept a reality can be unique, but the end result is one that works with the land, the layout, the needs of the facility (both now and in the future) and the budget. 

Longwood Gardens is a picturesque place full of plants and greenery and fountains and beauty. Putting in an obtrusive, ugly, loud piece of machinery to maintain climate control here would be counter productive to the entire purpose of the place. They needed a solution that would provide heating and cooling in a way that worked with the landscape and the overall mission of the facility. 

The use of a geothermal system in a place like Longwood Gardens simply made the most sense. Even when the need to locate the ground loop a distance away from the building that would primarily use it became necessary, it was still the right choice. The equipment is tucked out of the way so the beauty of the gardens can still be enjoyed, it is not loud so it doesn’t interfere with the experience, it will last for decades, so it won’t need to be addressed again for quite some time, it is healthier for the guests, visitors and staff here, and it made the most sense for their budget. Geothermal technology made the most sense for a conservation-conscious establishment like Longwood Gardens because it worked better for them on every level. What kind of difference could it make for your building?