Morrison Baby Rig

Have no fear, Baby Rig is here! At Morrison Inc., we are excited to let you know that no job is too big or too small for us. We have worked on projects at Longwood Gardens, the Guard Houses in Washington D.C., and many others throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. While we have a lot of experience executing these large and complex jobs, we have also worked in smaller neighborhoods and tight spaces. Even for apartment buildings and townhouses that lack free land area, we’re able to get the job done.

A little over 10 years ago, we knew that we would have to create an efficient way of drilling geothermal well-fields in all kinds of spaces. Yes, it is much easier to drill for buildings with open land around them, but what about urban communities with very limited space? With our goal of bringing geothermal to as many people as possible, the Baby Rig was born.

A normal sized well rig is slightly shorter in length than a school bus but matches it in width. This size vehicle is perfect for drilling wells, but it certainly has limitations on where it can go. The Baby Rig has the ability to maneuver through alleyways, around existing buildings, and over any kind of terrain. By developing a well-drilling rig the size of a compact track loader, geothermal can now make its way into more homes and buildings.
Thanks to the Baby Rig, installing geothermal where you thought was impossible can now be done. As the cost of living continues to rise every year, you now have a viable option to put more money back in your pocket. Save money, go green, and live more comfortably than you ever have before.