Morrison Inc. Rill Bosch Case Study

Morrison Inc. Wins Bosch National Residential Green Living Award - 10/26/16

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Fall/Winter Energy Saving Tips

Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips. - 11/13/14

These tips are designed to save you money during the colder months of the year.


1. Open curtains on south-facing windows to allow the sun to naturally heat your home. Close at night to reduce the cold window chill.

2. Cover drafty windows with plastic sheet on the inside of your window frames during the winter months.

3. Install tight-fitting, insulating drapes on windows that are drafty.

4. When you are away or when you sleep at night, turn back your thermostat by 10°.

5. Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable for you when you are home and awake.

6. Seal air leaks around cut-throughs for pipes, gaps around chimneys and recessed ceiling lights, and unfinished areas behind closets and cupboards.

7. Caulk or weatherstrip around doors and windows to seal air leaks.

8. Schedule service for your heating system.

9. Replace your furnace filter once a month or as needed.

10. Keep the flue vent and the inside of the heater clean on wood and bellet burning heaters. Clean the inside of the appliance with a wire brush.

11. Keep your fireplace damper closed unless there is a fire burning. This saves the warm air in you home from going right up through the chimney. Keeping the damper open is like keeping a window open during the winter.

12. Reduce heat loss in a fireplace by opening the dampers in the bottom of the firebox or open the nearest window about 1 inch.

13. When fireplace is in use, set the thermostat between 50° and 55°F.

14. Plug and seal the chimney flue if you never use your fireplace.

15. Check that the seal on the fireplace flue damper is as tight as possible.

16. Add caulking around the fireplace hearth.

17. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to 120° or the warm setting.

18. Use LED holiday lights to reduce cost in decorating your home.

19. Set timers on your holiday lights for during the day or when you are asleep at night.


~ Information courtesy of Department of Energy


Little Buffalo Festival 2014

See our booth at the 2014 Little Buffalo Festival. - 9/19/14

Fun for the whole family including live music, kids activities, great food, vendors, and so much more. For more details on the festival, click the button below.

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2014 Fall Home Show

Come visit us at the Fall Home Show 2014 at the Capital City Mall. - 9/4/14

There will be a variety of vendors indoors at the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill. Free parking and admission. For more information on the show, click the button below.

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2014 PA Home Show

See us again this year at the 2014 Pennsylvania Home Show. - 2/14/14

Come visit us at the Home Show this year at the PA Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Booth 329 and 330B. On site parking is free this year. For more information about the Home Show, click the button below.

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Bosch Case Study

Morrison geothermal installation home featured in Bosch
case study. - 12/16/13

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River Lodge

Going deep to save money on heating and cooling with geothermal:
Building green
- 12/16/13

River Lodge’s HVAC contractor Mike Armstrong has sold and installed countless residential geothermal systems before, But never like this. Never as part of an all-green home building project, from top to bottom.
Armstrong’s employer, Morrison Inc. of Duncannon, is one of the largest, if not the largest, geothermal dealers and installers in the region. But among its many residential projects, River Lodge stands alone. ......

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