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Hummelstown, PA“Morrison did a fine job. Their quote was competitive and all inclusive - drilling and installation of the unit from the same company. They completed the project in the time promised and on budget. The installation team was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. A job well done!”

- D.M. - Hummelstown, PA


Acme, PA“During the Home Builders Show in 1993, we stopped by the Morrison Inc. display and spoke with Mike Rash concerning the Geothermal System. Mike was very informative and answered all our questions. We had our first Geothermal System installed in February 1994. Even though the unit requires very little maintenance, we felt it was important to have yearly inspections. It was real simple to do, call Morrison and have a technician come and maintain the system. Morrison’s began servicing our system in 1996. Brian, the technician, would come and do the annual maintenance and still does today.

When we moved two and half hours west of Harrisburg and was building a new home, there was no question as to whom our heating contractor would be - Morrison’s. When you need surgery, you want the most qualified surgeon. It is no different with geothermal. Morrison’s are the geothermal experts! They are credible! They have been in the business for years. They have sold, installed and maintained Geothermal Systems longer than any other company in the area, probably the state. Thank you, Morrison, Inc. for your commitment and service you have provided to us for over 20 years.”

- M.T. and T.T. - Acme, PA

Harrisburg, PA“When we built our home in 1994, we decided to install a ground source heat pump. We used the heating contractor recommended by our builder. We moved in in October and immediately began to experience problems. Basically, we weren’t warm, and when the temperature dropped below 32, the inside temperature would drop also. No matter how we adjusted the thermostat, it would not keep up. The house was always cold, drafty and uncomfortable. The installing contractor came out many times but “couldn’t find anything wrong”.

As it turns out, the contractor used ( and still uses) PVC pipe to connect outside pipes to the inside unit. Where the pipes connect, there was a leak. This was finally detected after many years and many visits. They then put hose clamps on the joint and it started to perform better. However, because of the added strain on our unit, our coil failed prematurely and had to be replaced. The ground source system has pumps which circulate the fluid through the loop. From the first week of operation rust could be seen forming on the pumps. We pointed this out to the contractor and was told this was “Normal”. After 17 years, the pumps began to leak and needed to be replaced. It was at this point that we decided to look for another contractor. Friends of ours also had a ground source system installed a few years before us. We told them our tale of woe, and they told us they never had any issues with their system. We asked who they used. The answer: Morrison’s.

We subsequently called and very shortly had the pleasure of meeting Mike Armstrong. He listened to our story and evaluated our system. He provided us with a very reasonable estimate to replace our system. They do not use PVC pipes, instead they use the same high quality pipe in the house as they do outside. As a result there are no joints to leak. They also have the pumps enclosed in an insulated box so they are not exposed. The installation took place during one of the coldest spells of the year. From the moment we were up and running there was a huge difference:
we were WARM! The difference was night and day.

I don’t want to overlook all the other positives of the Morrison experience: the good and prompt customer service, quality of installation and equipment. However, the main thing is that we are thrilled with the end result. If you are considering building a new home, I would strongly recommend considering Morrison’s over the contractor recommended by your builder. Learn from our mistake. Of course, if you need to replace your existing unit I would
definitely recommend Morrison’s.

- J.O. & J.O. Fishing Creek Valley, Harrisburg, PA

Jonestown, PA“We selected Morrison to install our geothermal system when we built our home in 1993. With the tax breaks, manufacturers rebate and utility rebate, we decided it was the right time to replace our old system even though it was working fine with a much more energy efficient unit. Somethings never change, we received great service and
installation again from Morrison’s.”

- D.H. and S.H. - Jonestown, PA

Newville, PA“Morrison Inc. knows how to properly size a system for super energy efficient homes - some of the bids we received were over twice the tonnage as you designed. Your price was competitive with the installation completed on schedule. The employees were courteous and knowledgeable. There were no unexpected additional charges and
the main thing is that the system performs as promised.”

- J.K. and K.K. - Newville, PA

Chambersburg, PA“We knew that we wanted geothermal heating installed when we were planning our new home. We were given Morrison’s name from a contact of ours. We did get several other quotes but Morrison’s was the most competitive. We have been very pleased with our system, the service and follow-up that we have received from Morrison’s.”

- S.R. and A.R. - Chambersburg, PA

"Well informed and knowledgeable team from the sales to the installers."

- D . - Lewisberry, PA

"Once the project got started due to weather delays, etc, it went very smoothly. The staff were very professional and did all they could do to finish the project in a short period of time. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to install geothermal."

- R . C. - Dillsburg, PA

York, PA"Morrison, Inc. provided the right balance of expertise and customer service my geothermal needs. The quality of workmanship is outstanding along with the products that are installed. Bottom line, they are in it to do it right the first time."

- P. O. - York, PA

"So far so good. The Morrision crew did a great job replacing the original 1993 Hydro brand geothermal unit. The Bosch seems to run a little longer than the old one. Thinking it might have something to do with the two stage compressor. The next electric bill should tell the story."

- G . B. - York, PA

"Morrison Inc. answered our questions promptly and the workers were helpful and cleaned up after the project was completed."

- M . R. - Reedsville, PA

"I felt like I was dealing with top professionals in the field of GSHP installations right from the start---from the salesman to the driller to the installer! All very knowledgeable!!!!"

- J . N. - Etters, PA


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