Perks of Geothermal

Perks of Geothermal

Geothermal energy is the best heating and cooling option for discerning homeowners who want to save money while increasing the value of their homes. Read on to learn the perks of geothermal.

You Save Money
A geothermal system is 30-70% more efficient in heating, and more than twice as efficient in cooling as the most efficient ordinary system. These systems will provide $4-5 of heat from $1 worth of electricity. In addition, you can apply for a Federal Tax Credit worth up to 26 percent of the cost of your system (depending when your system was installed) if it meets Energy Star efficiency requirements.

Environmentally Friendly
Geothermal systems reduce your home’s carbon footprint as they do not burn fossil fuel to generate heat; they use the earth’s energy to heat and cool through convection. Only electric is used to operate these systems, making them the go-to systems for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Reliable & Safe 
Since geothermal heat pumps require no fuel and run solely on electricity, there’s no need to worry about carbon monoxide emissions, explosions or fires.

Low Maintenance
Conventional HVAC systems last 10-15 years, while geothermal systems last 20-25 years. Generally, the system needs to be inspected every five years. Since geothermal systems are buried underground, they are not exposed to the elements, making the wear and tear a fraction of conventional HVAC systems.

Increases the Value of Your Home or Building 
The upfront investment of a geothermal system is enough to make any homeowner pause, but once the energy savings and increase in value are considered, it’s a no-brainer. Determining the exact amount a geothermal system adds to your home’s value depends on many factors, but the fact that it adds value to your property is undeniable.

Buyers want well-kept properties with low maintenance, low utility bills and up-to-date appliances. Geothermal heat pumps add all these features on top of being green fixtures!

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