Sebastian Jones

Sebastian Jones


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What people say about our employees

Initially, I had no background on Morrison Inc. when I first looked into installing geothermal at my home. I contacted 4 local installers, based upon my research, each of which visited my home and discussed their proposed installation. I was greatly impressed with Morrison as they seemed most experienced and knowledgeable. Ultimately, they were awarded the contract and did an exemplary job. Their quality of work and attention to detail was most noteworthy. The system they designed and installed exceeded my expectations in both performance and efficiency. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend Morrison Inc.

C.S. and D.S.West Hanover, Harrisburg, PA
C.S. and D.S.

Morrison Inc. was very thorough in their approach for the installation of the geothermal system in our new home. They explained the importance in the way they lay out their ductwork, the locating of the unit, and how they drill the wells for the geothermal system. Coming from a smaller home to a much larger home with geothermal, not only are our expenses to heat and cool our home at an absolute minimum, but there is an overall comfort and consistency in temperature free of any warm or cool spots. We absolutely recommend Morrison Inc. to install the geothermal system - you will save on your utility bill while enjoying a more comfortable home environment.

K.B. and G.B.Mechanicsburg, PA
K.B. and G.B.

The installation of our geothermal system was completed by well trained technicians - from the well drilling to the final connections of the system. All is working well and all I have to do is change the filters periodically. My system maintains a constant temperature of 73 degrees during the daytime and 69 degrees at night. I would definitely recommend Morrison as your contractor to install a geothermal system.

E.M. and C.M.Newport, PA
E.M. and C.M.


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