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Morrison has been installing geothermal systems for over 30 years. We have installed over 4,500 systems throughout central Pennsylvania. Please read the what our customers has to say about us.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Morrison, Inc. provided the right balance of expertise and customer service my geothermal needs. The quality of workmanship is outstanding along with the products that are installed. Bottom line, they are in it to do it right the first time.

P. O.York, PA

So far so good. The Morrision crew did a great job replacing the original 1993 Hydro brand geothermal unit. The Bosch seems to run a little longer than the old one. Thinking it might have something to do with the two stage compressor. The next electric bill should tell the story.

G . B.York, PA

Morrison Inc. answered our questions promptly and the workers were helpful and cleaned up after the project was completed.

M . R. Reedsville, PA

I felt like I was dealing with top professionals in the field of GSHP installations right from the start—from the salesman to the driller to the installer! All very knowledgeable!!!!

J . N.Etters, PA

We built a 3200 sq. ft. home with 21 windows that measure 3×9 ft. each with many additional glass exterior doors. Despite all of the windows and doors Morrison Inc. did a fabulous job in determining the size of the system — to work and function efficiently, quietly, cleanly and especially reliably. They installed this closed loop geothermal system that has worked flawlessly. I thank the installation crews, Mike, and the whole staff at Morrison for their attention to detail and service.

T.B. and C.BNewport, PA

The men worked tirelessly (even in 100 degree heat) to install the geothermal heat pump. The quality of installation is second-to-none. The unit works flawlessly. It is so quiet and so much more efficient than what we had before. We are extremely satisfied and whole-heartedly recommend Morrison’s.

M.G.Duncannon, PA

We are delighted with our geothermal, radiant heating system created by Morrison Inc. When we decided to build our home to qualify for a “LEED” certification, we learned that most of the points awarded was for energy efficiency. Also, because we built along the bank of the Susquehanna River, we were unable to have a basement. We have been more comfortable during our first winter than we ever thought possible, and the bill for our electric home is a fraction of what we used to pay for oil alone. Our allergies have improved due to better air filtration and we love walking on the warm heated floor in our bare feet. We recommend Morrison Inc. highly!

J.D. and D.D.Dauphin, PA

This being new construction we had many people doing different jobs at any given time. Morrison’s talked with us prior, during and after the installation and in no time the job was done. The heating and cooling is great. We are very pleased with the work that Morrison’s did and the comfort of the geothermal system.

P.S. and S.SDuncannon, PA

I learned about Morrison Inc. from another customer of theirs who was pleased with their work and out of the 3 bids I received Morrison had the most knowledge about the system, a fair price and they were always available for my calls. They came out and explained everything to me and the company was a pleasure to work with.

J.M. Shermans Dale, PA

The staff from Morrison were top HVAC professionals!! My wife and I are pleased with the year round comfort of the geothermal system. More importantly are the lowest bills that we have ever experienced and know that this green energy system was our best heating and cooling option

J.N.Etters, PA

When we decided to start work on our retirement home, we wanted a good job at a fair price. In our search we found Morrison Inc. to be the best candidate. Our needs and wishes were included in the planning of our system. Work was scheduled to fit our timeline and the work was done with the least disruption possible. Extra effort was taken to make the system efficient and easy to maintain. Any questions we had along the way were answered and addressed appropriately. The whole staff was quick to respond when contacted and we always felt like our needs were
important. Thanks to everyone for restoring our faith that good businesses are out there.

P.A. and J.A.Enola, PA

I just wanted to inform you how happy my wife and I are with the new Bosch geothermal unit. As you said it is much quieter and gives better and more even heat and cooling within our home. Even with the new electric rate increase we are under $100.00 for heating and cooling our 2250 sq. foot home on a per month average. Thanks again for the information and service that your company has provided us. There is no other company that I have faith in when talking about energy saving heating and cooling systems.

R.F. and J.F.Carlisle, PA

Morrison did a great job with our installation. Everything went smoothly and quickly. The workers were friendly and very professional. We are on track to heat our house for under $500 this year vs. $1,800 with propane last year. I had many contractors give estimates but none matched Morrison’s combination of price and experience. I wish I had called them first! Highly recommend.

G.L. and B.L.Lenhartsville, PA

We have a house built in 1965 that was well overdue for a renovation. This included looking into upgrading our heating and cooling system. Our old oil based heating system was not only extremely inefficient but very costly to run. We felt with fuel prices going up and up, that it was worthwhile investigating the possibility of installing a geothermal system, combined with underfloor heating. We spoke to 2 companies. However the representative from Morrison’s was far more knowledgeable and thorough in his approach to calculating the right system needed for our house to meet our heating and cooling requirements.

All the workmen that were involved in installing the system were clearly very experienced, from the team drilling the holes outside, through to those involved in installing the system and underfloor radiant heating. The job is now complete and we have just experienced our first winter with the system and we couldn’t be more pleased and happy. The heating quality is absolutely fantastic. The air is not dry, the heat feels so natural and so superior to what we had. We feel the system has greatly improved the quality of our lives in our home. We highly recommend Morrison’s, their people are extremely experienced and professional.

J.Q. and M.K.Berwyn, PA

The installation of our geothermal system was completed by well trained technicians – from the well drilling to the final connections of the system. All is working well and all I have to do is change the filters periodically. My system maintains a constant temperature of 73 degrees during the daytime and 69 degrees at night. I would definitely recommend Morrison as your contractor to install a geothermal system.

E.M. and C.M.Newport, PA

Thanks Mike, to you and the team at Morrison Inc. for doing such a great job on our new geothermal system. We couldn’t be more pleased. Morrison finished the work on time, on budget and with high quality. They designed the perfect system for our house and then helped with the financing. The special drilling equipment that Morrison used allowed them to drill the wells in a portion of our yard that would have otherwise required our mature trees to be cut down. It has been almost 2 years since the installation and all is going well.

A.B. and L.BHarrisburg, PA

My wife and I are extremely pleased with all aspects of our geothermal system installed by Morrison’s. We had 4 different quotes from other local companies prior to having Morrison in to begin the process and not only was Morrison the least expensive, but Mike the sales rep was the only person that noticed issues with our current ductwork and offered solutions that would keep our home as comfortable as possible. The install crew were very professional and it was very noticeable that they cared about installing the system correctly. We would strongly recommend Morrison Inc. to anyone interested in looking into a geothermal heating and cooling system.

T.U. and A.U.New Holland, PA

Morrison’s produces what they promise! The performance of our new geothermal system exceeds the promises of the sales staff and our expectations. We are so happy that we chose Morrison. We were worried that we were too far away from their office and our site too steep for well drilling. Their drilling and installation teams are experienced … very professional and supported well by the field supervisor for any unique problem-solving. I highly recommend Morrison Inc.

R.K. and J.K.Lake Wynona, Auburn, PA

Morrison Inc. was very thorough in their approach for the installation of the geothermal system in our new home. They explained the importance in the way they lay out their ductwork, the locating of the unit, and how they drill the wells for the geothermal system. Coming from a smaller home to a much larger home with geothermal, not only are our expenses to heat and cool our home at an absolute minimum, but there is an overall comfort and consistency in temperature free of any warm or cool spots. We absolutely recommend Morrison Inc. to install the geothermal system – you will save on your utility bill while enjoying a more comfortable home environment.

K.B. and G.B.Mechanicsburg, PA

Initially, I had no background on Morrison Inc. when I first looked into installing geothermal at my home. I contacted 4 local installers, based upon my research, each of which visited my home and discussed their proposed installation. I was greatly impressed with Morrison as they seemed most experienced and knowledgeable. Ultimately, they were awarded the contract and did an exemplary job. Their quality of work and attention to detail was most noteworthy. The system they designed and installed exceeded my expectations in both performance and efficiency. It was a pleasure working with them and I would highly recommend Morrison Inc.

C.S. and D.S.West Hanover, Harrisburg, PA

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