The Best Ways to Maintain Your Geothermal System

The Best Ways to Maintain Your Geothermal System

Do you have a geothermal heating and cooling system? Have you been considering getting information How To Care For A Geothermal System about a geothermal heating and cooling system for your home or commercial building or swimming pool? When you have a geothermal system not only are you benefiting from lower cost heating and cooling utility bills, but you’re looking at a system that doesn’t require as much maintenance as a heat pump.

Here are some key maintenance tasks for your HVAC annual or seasonal service visits: 

Filter check. No matter what type of heating or cooling system you use, you will want to perform a check of the filters regularly. Depending on the weather and how often you’re heating or cooling your house or commercial unit, you will want to check the filters at least once a month. When the filters are dirty the unit works harder to circulate the air. Also, a dirty filter will not clean the air as well and you also run the risk of breathing “dirty” air.

Condensation. A geothermal unit can create condensation that may collect in the bottom of the air handler. When you see condensation, look for green, black, white or even yellow or brown build up; this could be algae. If you see that it isn’t properly draining, there is likely a blockage that is preventing the water back up and algae growth. This would need to be cleared and reinspected a few days later.

Record keeping matters. Keep records of the annual or seasonal inspections and check ups a professional performs. If you’re ever going to sell the home or commercial unit, having this record of ongoing and regular maintenance will put a potential buyer’s mind at ease that he or she is going to purchase a unit that has a geothermal system that is in great working order. 

When you take ownership of a building or home with a geothermal heating and cooling system, you want to find a professional who has the knowledge to inspect and repair any mechanical or electrical components and can perform the annual or seasonal inspections and check ups. Don’t wait until the unit has an issue before you begin your search for a professional; you don’t want to hire under pressure.