Ultraviolet Air Purification

Ultraviolet Air Treatment Systems

When it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality and protecting your heating & cooling equipment, Honeywell can help you see the light. When installed near the coils of your cooling system, a Honeywell Ultraviolet (UV) Surface Treatment System zaps surface mold and allergens that otherwise thrive on your cooling coils to make sure your system operates at full efficiency. The shortwave lights – similar to those used in hospitals, pharmacies and professional kitchens for nearly 50 years.



  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of mold spores in your system
  • Kills up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria in the system
  • Helps maintain system efficiency and airflow, which saves money by not having to clean coil as often
  • Long lamp life
  • Easy bulb replacement
  • 5-year warranty

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