Whole House Dehumidification

Today’s tightly built homes are great for insulation value, but that same insulation prevents the exchange of stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air, trapping moisture from cooking, showering and more. From feeling sticky, to window condensation, to musty odors, excessive moisture in the home leads to discomfort and poor indoor air quality.

A Honeywell TrueDRY™Dehumidification System removes moisture from the areas that need it most, improving overall comfort, safeguarding the home, and eliminating the need to monitor and empty water buckets. Lower humidity levels can help safeguard against problems from excess moisture in the home such as mold, mildew, warped wood, peeling of paint, or musty odors. Honeywell Whole-House Dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR rated, providing efficient and economical operation.


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