Winter Problems With Outside Heating Equipment

Winter Problems With Outside Heating Equipment


If you live in Pennsylvania or any of the Mid-Atlantic States, you know the problems that come with winter snow and cold. Shoveling out your car and scraping ice off the windows is a real pain, but that’s not the only thing winter damages. Winter brings the same problems to heating equipment located outside. If you have an “air to air” heat pump that provides home heating, you need to keep the unit free of snow and ice to maintain proper operation. 

Outdoor Heating Equipment Maintenance:

When ice or snow is blocking the airflow between your heat pump and the outdoor air, it reduces the energy efficiency of your system and can cause damage or failure to the unit over time. While a thin layer of frost is completely normal, heavy snow and ice needs to be removed.

In addition, if you have a gas furnace, make sure the intake and exhaust pipes are clear of snow and ice. If your pipes are clogged, it can lead to combustion gases leaking into the home and a possible system shutdown.

You should inspect the perimeter of your home after every big snowstorm and take appropriate actions to remove any airflow blockage.  

Geothermal HVAC Does Not Have Any Outside Mechanical Equipment:

With a geothermal system, all equipment is installed inside the home—typically in the basement or mechanical room—meaning there’s no outside equipment that can be damaged by winter. Not only does a geothermal system provide a comfortable home, it delivers peace of mind because snow and ice have no effect on the equipment heating your home.

How do you keep comfortable and protected from the elements?

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